History of kites is still a little bit blurry. While we know they first appeared in China and the Malay Archipelago 2000 years ago, we are still uncertain who operated the first kites.
Later their popularity spread to Japan, Korea, and India, where kites take a special place in their tradition. In 7th Buddhist monks bring kites to Japan. Back then, it was believed that kites would protect them against evil spirits and were considered as talismans.

Kite Festival

When it comes to India, the earliest evidence of kite existence was seen in miniature paintings from the Mogul Period. A young lover used a kite to deliver a message to his waiting love.
Kites also have a long war tradition and were used in many battles. During World War I a human-lifting kite was created to lift and train soldiers.

Nowadays, this has become one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. People have an opportunity to attend kite festivals, learn different techniques, and use various kite models. Altogether, kite flying is a great experience for people of all ages, especially kids. So, here are a couple of fun facts every kite lover should know!