The destination is set, tickets are booked but have you packed your kite yet? If yes, then perhaps you have managed a tricky situation and you are good to go on a satisfying vacation.

If not, we got some advice from the team at Backpacks Global to help you choose the best backpack your kite surfing equipment. Here is what you must consider while picking a backpack for traveling.

Choosing the right backpack for your kite

The backpack must harbor all the kite surfing gear. This is the first thing you need to watch for. Commonly known as golf bags, this specific bag is used by many across the globe with the intention to disguise them as sports equipment so as to enjoy the free baggage policies served by airlines.

The length of the kite is similarly important when opting for a backpack to get the correct size. You should consider a bag that can hold two kiteboards, two kitesurfing kites, a harness, a pump, and a water garb.

It is recommended you should choose a backpack with wheels because they do not bruise your shoulders and can be easily transported everywhere, be it on the streets, or boarding a plane. Definitely wheels on a backpack are the only smooth way to go.

Another important thing is to look for the material the bag is built of. Check the padding inside the bag. If possible select the lightest backpack available in the market. Last but not least, affordability is yet another important aspect you might consider.

Anyway, considering all the important things in mind especially keeping the cost of the bag to a minimum, let’s help you in choosing the best backpack for your kite.

Golf Bag by Mystic

Having a dimension of 150x45x40 cm, this 2018 Mystic golf bag is big enough for at least 3 kites, 1 or 2 boards, a wetsuit and still have room for other accommodations. This bag is made from durable 600D polyester and coated with PVC against protection from dirt, harsh weather or simple waterproofing.

Golf Bag by Mystic

It has an extra layer of padding at the bottom and reinforced with PVC walls of higher density in the whole bottom half of the bag. It serves as extra protection for your kites. The bag is fitted with wheels for easy moving and shoulder straps as well. There are extra straps all around the bag so that it can securely stay on your shoulders. The bag comes with a hand pump and 2 vacuum bags.

Kite Compression Bag for Men & Women by Dakine

Dakine is a world-class brand that has spent many years in outdoor gear game than other brands. This new compression bag is no different as it screams quality. Made from super-light nylon fabric, it features 4 compression straps and is big enough to house 3 kites each about 17 meters wide.

Kite Compression Bag for Men & Women by Dakine

If you use compression bags, everything inside will be neat and tidy. Your pack of kites will stay compact and streamlined all over the entire journey. An extraordinary feature you can find in this bag will be a bright area with a bigger space for writing the sizes of your kites with a marker.

Liquid Force’s Go Kite Black Golf Bag

This is a supersized golf bag ideal for persons who like to travel along with bigger kites. With a dimension of 165x52x25 cm, the bag got that extra length which is needed for accommodating larger kiteboards but maintains a streamlined profile.

An interesting and cool feature of this golf bag lies in its lightweight design of less than 5pounds. That’s exactly half of the Mystic golf bag above. Other features include a side handle, rubber wheels and a handle at the top for pulling the bag when you are moving around.

Pro Limit Kite Board Bag

If you are looking for a bag that weighs lighter even after packing your kites, harness and other kinds of stuff then this kiteboard bag by Pro Limit is all you want. It is long enough to hold your gears comfortably and padded for extra protection.

Pro Limit Kite Board Bag

It can hold 2 to 3 kites and has built-in padded sections to keep each of your kites protected during transit. The bag is made of 600D polyester with sidewall padding of an extra thickness of 12mm.

Wrapping things up

Hopefully, this guide has given some ideas about different types of backpacks and you can easily select anyone from them and go on for an adventure trip.