In the last couple of years, kite festivals have seen a surge in popularity. They are action-packed events, excellent for entire families and kids. Spectacular colors, different shapes, patterns, as well as designs, are food for the eyes, which cause excitement in everyone, from adults to kids.

We should also mention that people put a lot of work, effort, and passion into this sport. Therefore, it might be one of the reasons why these festivals are so successful.

Since they are very dependent on the weather, kite festivals require a lot of organization, but as long as the wind blows, these magical kites float into the sky.However, if you wish to visit some of these events, then here are a couple of them that will blow your mind.

Washington State International Kite Festival


The third week of August, Washington State International Kite Festival is held at the Long Beach Peninsula in Washington. This is also home of the World Kite Museum. Nearly 100,000 people visit this festival each year, and it’s now one-week long.
It gathers some of the best kite flyers in the world, and since it’s home of the World Kite Museum, it has become a tradition to visit this festival.

Here you can expect to see more than 1500 kites and the best kite designers.Additionally, the Washington State International Kite Festival features a kid’s camp, fireworks, and indoor kite flying.

Frank Mots International Kite Festival, Wisconsin

Nearly 60,000 people visit the Frank Mots International Kite Festival each year. It was first established in 1978 and held the first weekend after Labor Day, in September.

For two days, you can expect to see more than 600 kites flying through the sky, creating a spectacular sight. Also, popular teams such as the Chicago Fire Kite Team use this opportunity to fly their gigantic kites.
In addition to this festival, you can attend live music and talent shows.

ABC Zilker Annual Kite Festival, Texas

Every March, ABC Zilker Annual Kite Festival brings 30,000 people, and it’s one of the favorite events among kite lovers. This festival was founded in 1929, and it all started from a simple kite flying contest, which was organized to increase creativity in kids.

Now, this is the longest-running kite festival in the United States and maybe in the world. This event is free to attend and a great way to keep your children busy.

Berkeley Kite Festival, California

Berkeley Kite Festival first launched in 1986, and it’s an annual event held at Cesar E. Chavez Park, each July. This can be a great place for young families, packed with plenty of activities and fun. Your kids can go to bounce houses, ride ponies, visit the zoo, and experience face painting.

As some of the kite fly, they drop candies, which is a fantastic experience for kids. On top of that, you can participate in educational lessons and attend free kite classes. Also, here you’ll see the biggest octopus kite in the world.