There has been a lot of debate about the history of kites; however, the first evidence indicates that kites first appeared in China, 2000 years ago. According to Chinese legend, the hat blew off the peasant’s head, but the thread of his clothing went attached to a hat. So maybe this was the initial inspiration for these magical sky dragons.

Also, based on the old tales, General Han Hsin flew kites off the city walls each time he went into the attack. Nowadays, kite festivals are quite popular around the world, and if you want to visit some of these events, then we have a couple of suggestions for you.


Kite Festival

Each September, Festival of the winds is organized in Sydney, at Bondi Beach. Everyone who attends this event is welcome to bring their kites, mingle with other participants, and engage in family-friendly activities.


These gigantic kites in Japan assume the rectangular shape, and some of them are even four meters large. The Hamamatsu Giant Kite Festival was first held in the 16th century, and back then it was a symbol of a big celebration.

The Lord of Hamamatsu Castle organized a celebration when his baby boy was born. Now visitors have a chance to see these spectacular kites in action and compete with other contestants.

United Kingdom

This festival features more than thousands of stunning and vibrant kites, which includes a demonstration of kite flying, as well as kite-making tradition. It’s one of the reasons why people around the world attend the Portsmouth International Kite Festival.
Here you can see a stunning single line of kites decorated with magnificent designs, spectacular cellular kites, as well as 3D soft kites. They all feature excellent design and wide range of sizes and shapes. Music and great tricks follow all performances.



Barrilete Festival on All Saints Day features these 20-meter-wide kites, in both cities, Sumpango and Santiago Sacatepequez in Guatemala. Based on tradition, the Mayans ancestors fly kites to ward off the evil spirits, after Day of the Dead because this is a day when deceased visit the world of the living.


The festival of Uttarayan is the day which indicated the beginning of the summer. Additionally, this holiday warns farmers that summers are approaching, as well as the time of the harvest.

For that reason, a lot of towns in Gujarat arrange kite competitions between citizens, where people compete against each other.


Each year, Bali Kite Festival organizes huge competition in kite flying and teams around the world come here to compete and enjoy beautiful weather and stunning beaches. Traditional kites in Bali are gigantic, and they measure four by ten meters, with nearly 100 meters long tails.

Some of them even feature a vibrating bow, which is known as guwang, and you can hear the humming even from the ground.This is a spectacular event; every kite lover should attend. Besides beautiful beaches in Bali, kite festival is another reason to visit this beautiful island.