If you ever attended any kite festival, then you’ve probably noticed different kinds of kites. They significantly vary in shape, color, and design. However, if you want to learn more about these sky dragons, then we are going to share a couple of models with you.


Delta is probably one of the most popular units in the world, and it’s additionally the model many beginners resort to due to its smooth launch. Delta kites assume the triangle shape, while the keel holds the spine straight.

They feature dual and single lines, which are designed to accommodate various users and their skill levels. Some models have tails attached to the center to keep stability during the turbulent weather. Delta kites are made of nylon or specialized spinnaker fabric.


These kites are well-famous among fliers, and as the name states, they have a diamond shape. Because of their stability, diamond kites might be great for kids and beginners. If they are made of durable and high-quality material, diamond kites can even fight the windy and turbulent weather.

The traditional models were made of paper, but now nylon is the dominant materials used in the manufacturing process.


Parafoil or foil kites as many people like to call them are slightly different they previously mentioned models. They don’t have a frame, and that’s the main difference. Additionally, you can hit them against hard surfaces, and they are less likely to break. For that reason, foil kites might be ideal for beginners.

On the other hand, foil kites feature lower and upper surfaces, which are additionally divided by vertical ribs into smaller cells. So, when the air hit these pockets, the kite becomes semi-rigid and starts to fly. According to kite history, this model was an inspiration for a parachute.Parafoil kites are mostly made of nylon; however, you can find some models featuring polyester fabric.


Cellular or 3D kites come in different shapes, so it’s challenging to determine their appearance. Box kites are probably the most popular models that fall into this category. They feature four struts, which assume the parallel position, while sails are wrapped around the box.

However, a couple of cellular kites come with fines, wings, and vanes. Cody kite is a well-known version of this model, as well as Hagrave. If you are going to fly cellular kites, then you will require stronger winds, since they are slightly heavier.


Sled kites feature one surface with vertical spars on the side, which assist them in maintaining the shape and stability as they soar through the air. Even though sled kites had rigid sticks in the past, they now contain inflatable spars. In this case, they can withstand substantial impact during the crash.

Additionally, they are easy to manipulate, portable, and you can disassemble them in a couple of minutes. Sled kites aren’t that big so they might be great for children. This unit is made of lightweight plastic, but you can switch to the fabric as well.