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Have a amazing weekend – bring your best friends and your favourite kites!
Thank you to all the brilliant flyers who put on a fantastic show, the festival site team for all their hard work and of course everyone who came along to make our festival so much fun!

Discover Kite Festivals

The festival’s official photographers take some amazing photos over festival weekends.

To have a look visit the festival page on or go to the homepage and and click on the Kite Festival tab.

Fantastic Photo

And have a look at the Community Page for some fantastic photos – and please add yours on too, we would love to see them!
The Kite Festival is one of the top 50 Family Freebies for the Summer Holidays. Celebrate the Festival’s anniversary with a special photo book, showing images!

This can be yours for only £10 – a few will be available over the weekend, but you can order a copy online by clicking HERE

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